New Weekly Episodes!

The start of a new weekly line up from the gang as they cover more recent and up to date comic book and film news! Today they discuss Dark Knight Rises casting, Tron 3, and the death of a certain Fantastic Four member! Spoilers Alert!

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3 Responses to New Weekly Episodes!

  1. Ray says:

    I enjoy watching your program. I’m not really a youtube fanatic so it gives me a reason to watch video on my Blackberry besides the NFL app. Please do prepare scripts for your show. I watch many news and political affair programs and nothing is more infuriating than panelists who stammer, backtrack, and have no composure to their thoughts. I’m sure you’ve seen Armisen’s character on SNL’s Weekend Update. It’s funny because it’s so true. I say this because I actually look forward to your “issue” issues on race and violence in comics. I hope there will be informed discussion and debate. Do some research. Ask the girls to have some genuine insight and even unconventional opinion. Find what successful writers and artists have to say on the subject and go from there. If Shakespeare could so deftly broach the topic in his plays then certainly comic writer and artists should not be allowed to skirt the issue. Is Marvel falling into television’s same rut of only pairing black male characters with white female characters? When will Luke Cage or any brother stop fighting street crime and go after structural inequality? Those are a few suggestions. keep up the good work and God bless.

  2. ray says:

    Can you start discussing or at least mentioning new titles and such on your show. I don’t bother with Wizard anymore so I do not know what’s new, good, and under the radar. That magazine is all about the movies now.

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