Wednesday Recap

FF # 1

Yeah, Igot it. It’s FF for Future Foundation. Very cagey of Hickman and Marvel to launch a new Fantastic Four comic without it really being the Fantastic Four. The Human Torch is dead until the next FF movie latest, and Spider Man joins the remaining members who push forward in another new direction, which really seems at least in part like a prelude to the Fear Itself crossover. Is Steve Epting the obligatory “Death of a Hero” artist now? What makes this feel less like the marketing event it is is Hickman’s writing, Epting’s solid art (like Bryan Hitch without the pointless splash pages) and the new costume design which really makes the illusion of change feel more real. The new costumes signify people in morning with the new insignia always looking incomplete for the lack of a symbol representing the Human Torch, emphasizing that Spider Man’s new look doesn’t make him an honorary family member but a new hiree. Makes me wonder if a rotating cast is the book’s long-term goal until the status quo is restored. And I do love the Spider-Man design.

Alan Moore’s Neonomicon #4

Yeah, in light of The Courtyard comics adaptation, which I liked, and Moore’s other short Lovecraft pieces done in Avatar, this seems like padded short story in some respects. That said, the gore-heavy, sexless world of Lovecraft is very much an apt metaphor for the comics industry today. And the tortured female lead character confronting Aldo Sax, the character from The Courtyard who started this comics story, being reduced to a nervous mess evokes the rare times in the late eighties and early nineties when women entered comics shops and causes mild panic amongst staff and customers. A fitting footnote and “fuck you” to the comics industry if this (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen aside) is his goodbye to comics, though I doubt it is.


About Chad Parenteau

I'm a poet. I run the Stone Soup Poetry series in Cambridge that runs every Monday night. I review comics in my spare time.
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