Chad’s Recaps of Wednesdays Past

Been working and traveling and even both at the same time. Making up for lost time with this post. Buying this week’s comics on Saturday.

Butcher Baker #2

I’m not sure about this one, but I’m sticking with it for at least one more issue.

Dark Horse Presents Issue #1

At least I remembered how much I missed Concrete short stories. I will be more excited if sll of these first chapters are part of the continuing series and not just prequels to separate books. Frank Miller’s interview in this issue is more interesting than his Xerxes preview. Frank finds it funny that Iran took offense at the 300 movie and not the book that was published years before. Come on, Frank, you know that’s because the Persians turned into Lord of The Rings villians (apparently, Persia had cave trolls).

Super Dinosaur One #1I have nothing to report, seeing as how a friend saw that this was in my possession and immediately wanted it for her kid daughter.


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