Free Comic Book Day 2011: Reviewing The Finds

Free Comic Book Day came and went this past weekend. Hopefully, you went in the stores and came out with a bunch of familiar and new titles. Some for you, some hopefully for your child or younger sibling. Were any of the freebees good? Let’s find out.

I missed the actual day due to other commitments, but thanks to Friendly Neighborhood Comics in Bellingham, I was able to enjoy the spoils on Sunday. Thanks to them. What follows below are the titles I picked up. There were plenty of others, believe me, and you can see them all here.

And now, I review what I got before giving a good deal of the booty over to my friend’s kid.


Amazing Spider Man

I’m glad Dan Slott is writing the book. He could actually be attracting new readers. I just don’t think I’m gonna be one of them.

Civil War Adventure

Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz are pretty solid pros trying to evoke the old EC war stories. They just ham it up a bit much in some places. I liked the short piece “Gator Bait” better than the cliffhanger “I rode with the Devil.”


Geronimo Stilton & Smurfs

The Smurf stories were fine, but readding the main Geronimo Stilton story (an excerpt), well, I know adults don’t have to like everything a kid reads, but if I had to read this aloud to a kid, I think I’d be annoyed. Really, they needed a caption to tell the reader that “cat-tastic” meant “fantastic” in a book where every other noun, verb, and direct object is Smurf?


Green Lantern Special Edition

DC tries to make up for FCBD by having a reader cough up $200 in Green Lantern trades. The Flashpoint preview looks interesting. Alternative universes is about the only time writers and artists are allowed be.


The Misadventures of Adam West

It could have been campy, funny, straight, instead it just seems to be a collector’s item and future ebay sale. And the vampire story on the flip side of this book doesn’t give me hope for the company’s long term plans.


Mouse Guard Dark Crystal Flip Book

Mouse Guard is another I’ll have to get a library card to catch up on all the Mouse Guard stories. The Dark Crystal excerpt might actually get me, a Henson acolyte, to buy a series to a movie I never would have thought could or should be added to. Why can’t they get Mike Ploog to draw one of these though? He came up with concepts for Pete’s sake.


Silver Scorpion

This comic was made by a well-meaning committee. Problem is, some superhero comics are. Still, writer Ron Marz and artist Mukesh Singh did a competent if by the books job here. I hope this does well. I think I’ll grab another copy when it comes out.


Sonic The Hedgehog

One thing I appreciated was the back story included, which taught me that Sega accomplished with one of their characters in comics that Nintendo never could. Hats off to them.


Super Dinosaur #1: for those who missed the original unveiling (or in my case, lost it to a kid), here’s your second chance. Worth the extra couple of weeks’ wait.


The Tick

Nice enough. I still probably won’t pick up an other tick comics. That’s just the way it’s been wwith me and this title. Then again, there are new complete additions coming out…


Top Shelf Kids Club

James Kochalka’s Johnny Boo is growing on me after two years of giveaways. And the Ann & Christian Slade story, “Creepy Finger Puppets,” is amazingly touching.


Young Justice Batman Brave & The Bold Super Sampler

If you like DC’s two current animated series, and you like the sampling of these titles based on the two animated series, you’ll like from DC….pretty much just these titles. Well, maybe Tiny Titans and the other Cartoon Network titles.

One I Wish I Got


Locke & Key

I got the last free issue of this comic from last year’s FCBD. I stil haven’t picked the title up. I might still be able to grab this, but it will just make me feel bad.

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