Chad’s Last Wednesday Recap

Sick last week. Comics finally came over the weekend to make me feel better.

Hellboy: Being Human: Someone at Dark Horse finally caught on that there’s a growing number of us that will only pick up Hellboy comics if either Mike Mignola or Richard Corben is drawing them. About time.

Breed III: Never heard of Breed I and II by Jim Starlin? They were published years ago as part of Malibu’s creator-owned line but never completed. It was a very flawed series, but I always was interested in how it ended. Reading this new issue, it’s still a flawed series, but I guess I’m committed now.

Flashpoint 1:So how is Barry Allen the same age but Thomas Wayne Batman is now an adult? A tip to myself is to not get into Geoff John’s flaws, or I’ll never enjoy this book the way even critics of Johns’ work are enjoying it.

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