Chad’s Wednesday Recap

Flashpoint #2: Bucky’s dead, and that has nothing to do with this comic, but everyone else is doing spoilers, so why not me?

Okay, so in this time-altered world, Bruce Wayne is dead and his father somehow has the inspiration (and similar set of life experiences) to become Batman, and he’s not ancient? Is this a cheat Grant Morrison’s run enabled? Wonder Woman and Aquaman are would-be conquerors just ’cause? The Flash’s life is at the epicenter of the DC universe because Geoff Johns writes him? I don’t want to berate anyone (that’s this guy’s job), but when you’re creating an alternate timeline story in mainstream comics and a reader is calling bullshit on what is essentially an Elseworlds premise, that’s not a good sign. And for an artist with the free reign that an alternate timeline story provides, the designs are pretty uninspired. At least when they reprinted the world-as-it-is map, they didn’t call Africa “Ape-Controlled” like they originally did. “Gorilla-Controlled” is not that much better, but at least it shows that some intern has the power to change things at DC even a little bit.

The Boys # 55: I’m totally fanboy about this series. I’m glad there will be a Darrick Robertson drawn Boys book coming out. I’m happy that John McCrea is drawing the current Boys book. What bums me off is that is that I keep thinking the Mother’s Milk character is dead. No spoilers, I just can’t shake the feeling lately, and he’s had the makings of a doomed character for some time. Someone tell me I’m wrong, please.


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I'm a poet. I run the Stone Soup Poetry series in Cambridge that runs every Monday night. I review comics in my spare time.
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