Chad’s Wednesday Recap (6/8/11)

Batman: Arkham City #2: I picked up this and back issue #1 this week. I like the idea of Paul Dini writing a Batman without current DC continuity, and artist Carlos D’Anda is a fun artist. But the book of course gets bogged down in the continuity of the upcoming Arkham City video game, which is harder to plot feasibly than superhero comics in many ways. The premise of a prison town aside, how is it, I ask myself, that this supposedly secure city is accessible through the sewer system? Then I think, maybe this will be answered in the game with the Killer Croc boss. Then I think I just proved my point again.

Breed III #2: This is one of the few nineties titles I have some affection for after all these years. Flawed and fascinating to someone who followed the original Bravura series. Corny with its tackling of religion but it’s sincerity still keeps me interested. Maybe it’s worth for you to pick up the re-released trades.


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