Chad’s Wednesday Recap (6/15/11)

Thanks to everyone who has visited this site via Comic Book Resources and Scans Daily. Hope you guys keep coming back.

The Cape One Shot (Legacy Edition): I like being able to read the original short story in this issue (always a treat for the writer in me).  I like this as a short story in both forms.  I’m skeptic about it as an intro to a mini-series.  I’m interested enough to buy the first issue, though.

Kirby: Genesis #1: I’ve only been able to determine one thing so far: The less Alex Ross pages, the better.  I even got the Ryan Sook alternate cover because the coloring Ross has chosen for his art are a real eye-stain on his usual pencil work.  I swear this fluorescent trip he puts on all his figures could trigger seizures.

Alpha Flight 1: Over the last couple of years, Fred Van Lente and Greg Pak have both written the only books I’ve bought from Marvel. Even counting John Byrne’s work, Alpha Flight has a history of being Marvel’s most abused properties. If the characters were ever written by Grant Morrison, they’d be begging to be kept in limbo. For the first time though, I feel that this new series just might work, for a while anyway.


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