Paul Davis Lyons’ Photo Review of Fear Itself #4


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2 Responses to Paul Davis Lyons’ Photo Review of Fear Itself #4

  1. Paul Davis Lyons says:

    Ok, so here is yet another comic book summer block buster! Now its not bad but I’m also not over the moon for it either. I feel like killing or rather “killing” wink wink nudge nudge, is just a cheap gag to get people to read your comic. I’m upset for 3 reasons regarding this series. One, remember when Siege had ended and Marvel was entering its Heroic Age? Remember? And the Mighty Marvels told us that this would be a break from all the cross over non-sense, and then a few months later they drop this on us! You know what? Its my fault. I should have seen it coming. Two, Brubaker did a damn good job bringing back a character from the 40’s and making him awesome and accessible to old and new readers alike. He pulled a Lee. As in the Stan the Man Lee bringing back Captain America. Except in Lee’s case there was a 20 year gap from Cap’s 40’s to the Avengers’ 60’s. For Brubaker thats…(counts on fingers)…70 years? Bigger gap but same talent. Now I’m not saying Ed and Lee are on the same level, BUT its amazing what he’s been able to pull off with a character named “Bucky” and making him a badass. WORD. So it makes NO sense to just f*cking write this guy off. So he’s either A.) Dead but will come back or…B.) He’s dead. Steve will have survivor’s guilt again and will continue to moan about him. I love Cap but I’m getting tired of “Bucky if only…blah blah.” Having Cap back from his “excellent adventure” through time you can have these guys working together! I’m also aware that starting soon is a “Cap and Bucky” title, but sounds like it’s about their adventures in WWII. Which sounds to me like it could be a bitch and moan fest. Let’s move forward people!! And Three, I don not like all the damn cross overs. Its like you can’t read the main story by Fraction with out reading the tie in. I F*ckin’ hate that shite. You’re cross over should be strong enough to stand on its own with out having to read tie ins. If you’re story can stand alone and is good then I should want to check out the ties in to learn more. This series seems to be scattered all over the f*ckin place. Anyway, that’s what was flashing through my mind. (No joke to flashpoint, but if you laughed then I’ll take credit.) Could you tell this was all written on my face when Chad took this picture?

  2. I think most Marvel readers have had that same face on and off since House of M.

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