We Got Reviews: Captain America #1


July is obviously a very patriotic month. You think of July and you think of fireworks, the star spangled banner, and every body decked out in red, white and blue. This summer, however, we’re getting hit with a huge dose of America like a Wakandan Vibranium plated shield to the face. Not only did we have the 4th of July to celebrate our love of country but we also have Dunkin’ Donuts patriotic themed Captain America donuts. Coming out next week is the much-anticipated film, Captain America: The First Avenger! I’ve been waiting for this movie for years now and hope that the gang at Marvel Studios has done the film justice. Now while I lie awake at night twitching with excitement and on a sugar high from one too many Cap donuts, there really isn’t much to satisfy me until the film comes out.

Then Ed Brubaker answered my prayers. Out this past Wednesday Marvel released a brand spankin’ new Captain America series called…Captain America!!! Brubaker has been writing Cap for years now and this is quite possibly one my top five favorite books out there. I was also excited to learn that Steve McNiven is illustrating the book. We know his work from the Marvel epic Civil War and Mark Millar’s Nemesis. I love that McNiven is getting a break from Millar and curious to see what he’ll produce with Brubaker. Well I’ll tell ya the first issue does NOT disappoint.

The new series opens with Rogers (Cap himself) in Paris getting ready for a funeral. I was nervous, fearing that he might be saying good-bye to Bucky Barnes. Thankfully not. Sharon Carter, Dum Dum Dugan and Nick Fury are in attendance to say good-bye to Peggy Carter, an old flame of Cap’s and relative to Sharon. By the way, Cap dated both of these women. I know you can have a type of woman you’re attracted to but dating your Ex’s granddaughter? Awkward. But in a world where people are killed only to be sent traveling through time, exist in a robotic body, get brain washed by Communist Russia, frozen in ice for years, and still be called names like BUCKY??? Well, weirder things have happened. Anywho…

The gathering is disrupted an assassination attempt on Cap and the gang. Of course the plan backfires, and Cap goes chasing after them through the streets of Paris. Cap is taken aback by a figure from his past whom he has not seen since the days of WWII. Holy Cow! Who is this fiend? What does he want with Cap? Who does he work for? I’m not gonna give away and spoilers here! You gotta check it for yourself. Trust me its worth it. In the days that are filled with Flashpoint and Fear Itself, it’s nice to have a new book that is not tied to any of those events.

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