Wednesday Recaps Forever

I’ve had a busy summer. This usually means I don’t get to the comics store every Wednesday, or even every week.  Therefore, the “Wednesday Recap” portion of this website has suffered a backslide.  Here’s a list of what I’ve gotten the last few weeks, sans links.  If you think this week’s slow with nothing but Flashpoint stuff, maybe you can go back and grab something you weren’t sure of.

Alpha Flight #2: I like this one. Too bad I think I’m boycotting it now.

The Boys #56-57: It’s been interesting reading this alongside the new miniseries , especially when we now have protagonists who are as much against each other as the enemy.  It’s intrigue without the need for any of Ennis’ trademark gross-outs (though that’s still in the book).

The Boys: Butcher Baker Candlestick Maker #1: Darick Robertson draws The Boys again at last.  I could have done with more straightforward storytelling and less of Butcher’s narration, but this is still a fun read.  And I never thought I’d be intrigued about what happens next between two people when one is already dead.

Breed #3: I think Jim Starlin just decided to have fun with this. Whatever deep feelings he had when he did this big demon-within epic have subsided, and the book is better for even just a smidgeon of lightening (this is about demons after all).

Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker #4: I like this more and more. Expect a more in depth review when I’m less busy.

The Comics Journal #301:  Still haven’t bought it.  I have bills.  It’s on my short list of things to buy but…thirty bucks…

The Cape #1: Not the one shot, but the first issue in a mini-series.  The superhuman as bastard is a bit overdone, but the story’s solid pacing and dialogue helps move it along.  But two more issues?  I was satisfied with the one-shot.

DC Comics The New 52 Preview #1: III don’t caaarrre…III don’t caaarrre…

Flashpoint #4: I’ll be giving this more in-depth review, but for less positive reasons.

Infinite #1: Just kidding.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen III: Century #2 1969: I’ll just say for now that I enjoyed the book even without reading the text story or figuring out any of the Easter eggs in the book outside of The Ruttles.

Rachel Rising: #1: This irked me a little.  Even at chapter one, it’s easy to see that this will read much better once collected.  I got the same thing from Rasl.  Still, this is the first time I’ve picked up anything by Terry Moore, so I just might stick with this.


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