Paul Digs Into The New 52


You may, MAY have heard that DC comics was giving itself a nice reboot. Setting the, the number of issues…back to one. If you were like me, someone who was trying to understand DC, you rolled your eyes and moaned. What the hell was the point of reading Final Crisis (which still gives me a nose bleed when I think about it), or Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, or the New Krypton storyline. You most likely threw your wallet on the ground and starting punching walls.

Okay, that maybe a stretch but I’ve always worn my heart on sleeve when it came to comics. Cause honestly, what the hell was the point if everything is starting over? It doesn’t exactly work in real life does it. “Paul, I don’t get you? You were dead, but you were really lost in time, and know you’re starting a franchise? Paul Inc?

Okay, again, maybe a stretch. But I can’t reset the button in life. There are no “Do Overs.” So why should I put up with this “Reboot” or rather “The NEW 52.” I even tried to read Geoff Johns’ Flashpoint. Arg! I still don’t know what happened. Barry Allen went back in time to save his mom and that’s whats got everything messed up? Thank God Spidey didn’t pull that shit when his Aunt May was dying. I mean can you imagine making such a crazy sacrifice only to rewrite the reality you lived in, and everyone just “magically” forgot you were a super hero…

Well anyway, I did put up with it. Two weeks ago The New Justice League came out. Again written by Johns with art from Jim Lee. Annnnnnnnd…It was OK. I didn’t mind. I thought it was kinda cool seeing Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern meet Batman who at this revamped point is believed to be an urban legend. To be honest, I’ve never read a Justice League comic, so it was nice to read this book without needing to know any back story. However, I was not over the moon about it either. In other words, I didn’t want my money back. It’s the first chapter of something I hope will be great. But Justice League is not the reason I started rambling in this blog. No my dear friends, I started writing because of Action Comics and Detective Comics.

“And…Here…We…Go!” (Done in Ledger’s Joker voice).


To be honest, I was very nervous about all of this. The only thing that was going for this reboot for me was 1.) I can finally read Superman and maybe have an idea about whats going on and 2.) I can have a first issue of Action Comics, even if it won’t pay off my student loan debt.

In the first few pages, we find Kal or Clark or rather Superman rocking a beaten up pair of jeans and boots with a “S” shirt and Cape. Is he ditching the tights? How come he had the full suit in Justice League but not here? Well I guess this story, written by Grant Morrison, is taking place before Johns’ storyline. Huh? DC! I thought the reboot was to avoid these kind of headaches???

Anyway, so this is before Justice League and before he finds a pair of tights. He’s putting people through walls and holding someone over a ledge while threatening to drop him unless he confesses to his crimes. All the while, Supe’s eyes glow red. Whaaaaat? Damn, Clark! You scary!!!

Now I’m intrigued. Apparently Superman is new to the scene. Very, very new. Like he just started making an appearance a few months ago. No one on earth has seen a being like this. Is he good? Is he bad? Will he hire a tailor? Is Paul interested? Yup. I am. I am now turning the age with intrigue, I want to see what happens next. DC, I’m glad I finally had this moment with you. Seriously. Let’s have a drink later, and you can tell me why Superman can bruise and his ears bleed when he tries to stop a train! Which, BTW, is exactly like the scene in “Spider-Man 2” when he tries to stop the moving train. Just minus the Spider webs. So yeah, I dug Action Comics. I’m excited to see what Morrison will do with this hero and what his new origin story will be like. “Golf claps,” as our good friend and WGI contributor Don Conley would say.


I’m now very intrigue by the new Detective Comics. I have to say that I have wanted to read a good Batman series for years. Tim Burton’s “Batman” was my gateway drug into comics. I love Batman, and I enjoyed Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Year One but I want a series to read! A nice monthly ongoing series. But damn it DC, why do you have to have like ten different Batman titles. Why he is like Wolverine? How many teams can this guy be on? And you better not tell me that they’re the different Batmans of Batman Inc. Cause seriously I’ll punch somebody, most likely myself. Batman: Streets of Gotham, Batman: Dark Knight, Batman Inc, Detective Comics, and BATMAN! I can’t keep up! Well DC is again putting out a new shit load of Batman titles, we’ll see how it goes I guess.

So back to this shameful excuse for a review. I loved this issue! Mwah!!! I thought that this issue kicked ass! It established so much. You have a young Jim Gordon who is working closely with Batman despite the fact that cops don’t like him. “I don’t need my own cops doubting Batman…Not after he’s done for the city. Never mind that the Bat is on our side (Well…my side, at least). I find his help welcome. I trust him more than the blockheads on the force.” So Gordon is lonely too. He’s the lone, uncorrupted lawman in town. I really dig that about the guy. And then comes the Batman to shake things up. While on the roof top Gordon tells Batman that the Mayor doesn’t like him. Batman replies, “Getting rid of me would only make things worse.”

Gordon: “He thinks things have gotten worse since you showed up.”

Batman: “I’ve always been in Gotham. I am Gotham.”


You also have Joker setting up booby traps all over the city, cause some serious damage to the city. I must say I found him menacing, evil and hilarious! He’s the Joker! The interplay between him and Batman was great. It was kinda cheesy but, again, it’s the Joker! “No reason we all can’t smile and be happy for such a rare occasion! We should share a laugh or two…hehehe.” You even get a kick ass fight scene with Batman and Joker at the end. You really got a lot going on for a first issue. This definitely left me wanting more. I mean wow. I read a great Batman comic tonight.

So who knows, maybe DC will bring us something great with this reboot. All I can say is that I hope there won’t be any Crisises…Crisis(es)…big events soon. I’m already tired from Flashpoint and Marvel’s Fear Itself, so it’s good to have a nice, clean, continuity free start.


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