The We Got Issues Holiday Gift Guide, Part One

It’s early Christmas Eve, and admit it: You still have presents to buy. It happens. Especially if you spent the night downloading Young Justice torrents again (or, if you’re more an alternative comics fan, porn). Not to worry. We here at “We Got Issues” will be posting holiday gift suggestions throughout the day, and hopefully, there is still time for us to help put the thought in your thoughtful gift. Your loved ones may be comics fans, they might not be. Either way, maybe our suggestions will find a place for someone on your hastily scribbled and crumpled last minute list. Enjoy! And Happy Holidays.

Paul Davis Lyons


Its hard to find gifts for people who don’t read comics. I know plenty of people who are every much grounded in reality and never venture into the realm of fantasy, let alone the neighboring “what could be”. For those people in your life I offer Brian K Vaughn’s Ex Machina. It’s a graphic novel, however that plays by the rules of reality.

Ex Machina is set very much in the real world where even real world events happen, such as the tragic events of 9/11. Mitchell Hundred is exposed to some glowing object that grants him the power to talk to machines. I know what you’re thinking, talking to your microwave could potentially be boring, this comic is anything but. As usual, Hundred dons a costume to become The Great Machine, and he’s a terrible Superhero. That is, until he is able to talk one of the planes out of crashing into one of the World Trade Towers.  In this world, a single tower stands, which to Hundred is a reminder of his failure to save everyone.

Hundred is hailed a hero but decides his powers would be better used if he were in office. The series chronicles his time rising from man to hero to super hero to mayor and beyond. A great read for any one who loves The West Wing or only watch CNN, but also any one who loves a great story.

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