The We Got Issues Holiday Gift Guide, Part Three

Paul Davis Lyons


As mentioned previously, Ex Machina is set in the real world with some costumes and a guy who can talk to machines. If that’s still too much of a stretch fro your reality loving friend/family member than I suggest another tale, also by Brian K. Vaughn.

In Y: The Last Man, Yorick Brown is your typical twenysomething. He likes a good joke, spends time with his girlfriend, fights with his sister, has a monkey sidekick and has ambitions to be a magician. These plans become derailed by a world wide gender hating virus that kills anything carrying a Y chromosome, except for Yorick and his monkey Ampersand.

With all the men on earth gone save for Yorick, the women rise up to clean up the mess and try to save man…er…womankind. Most guys would say they’d love to be in Yorick’s position but trust me this is anything but a vacation. Governments try to get a hold of him for study while the Amazons want to kill him, believing that man was wiped from the Earth for a reason.

Y: The Last Man is a fast paced comic with excellent male and female characters, character growth, humor and action. You won’t find any costumes or super powers here but a well crafted story that will grab comic and non comic readers alike!

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