The We Got Issues Holiday Gift Guide, Part Four

So, um…Returns, right? Sorry for the lateness, but hey, some of you have holiday gift cards, parties and meetups later in the week, and other twists of fate over the holidays. Never too late for a recommendation, right? So let’s continue.

Angela Outlaw


I don’t like Christmas movies- well not the conventional stop motion animated kind. Those freak me out. Die Hard, Edward Scissor Hands, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (awesome things happening around the holidays) are more up my alley. So, as a good holiday suggestion for the darker Christmas spirit (Nightmare before Christmas anyone?), I suggest The Stuff of Legends.

Remember the time before children’s tales were as glossy and cushioned as the new playground equipment? You know, when kids had to play on rocks and splintered wood? It’s kind of like that but a little less physiologically damaging. The Stuff of Legend follows a little boy who has been kidnapped by the boogeyman and the loyal toys that journey to save him. Stuff of Legends is a great read for young and old alike with wonderfully unique characters. It’s a great throwback to when childhood was adventurous, dangerous, and being brave meant more than simply doing the right thing.

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