Sutherland says a 24 movie will happen!

Sutherland says a 24 movie will happen!

I’ve been a fan of 24 for some time, but the most annoying thing about the show was not Jack Bauer’s wife getting amnesia or how many times they could kill the guy off and then bring him back to life but the constant stop go news of there being a 24 film. According to the Associated Press, last Sunday Kiefer Sutherland announced that a 24 film was in fact in the works and that it is scheduled to start filming THIS Spring. That’s right. That means a script has been in the works and FOX is now ready to push this thing into production.

I’m pretty excited about this. I always loved the idea of the show taking place in one day and every episode was an hour of that day. But usually this meant that they had to do some serious stretching of the plot and throw in some unnecessary twists, like killing the guy and bring him back, his wife forgetting about half the season then remembering what happened in the nick of time or his daughter fighting off a mountain lion…yeah that happened…

But a film could push the “24” hour plot into an hour in a half so we can avoid useless drama and get to the heart of the show: Jack Bauer fighting terrorists and maybe fighting a mountain lion.

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