Why I’m In Love With The NEW Justice League


Actually Getting What I Pay For

Times are tough. In the heat of the Occupy movement, upcoming elections, and pizza being considered a vegetable- nothing upsets me more than being reminded of my 1st world problems like having to choose between a comic and a new brand of eye make-up remover. So when I’m faced with a new $3.99 title, it actually helps when I’m getting $3.99 content. Unlike 15 pages of new material and reprints *cough* Marvel *cough*

An artist That Appears to Leave the House

I’m always paying attention to the background- not because I’m a stickler for detail but because that is where the gold is.



Natalie Portman’s shirts in Thor, the kid with the mustache in I Heart Huckabees, if your still not convinced then just sit through Cutthroat Island (the extras, alone, are worth it).

To the point, comics are unique. Those random moments aren’t fleeting. Good art can only take you so far if you have no concept of modern fashion or the way people behave in public. So seeing a little girl with an adults face…


isn’t as disturbing when background characters are consistently normal. It is, however, harder to overlook and somewhat oppressing when you have bystanders that look like this…


or this…


or this…


or this…




(I’m aware that these last three aren’t technically civilians but sweet Jesus this is bad)

When the capes appear more reasonable than the civilians, you know there’s something wrong.

Green Lanterns Questionable Sexuality

Whether he’s flirting with Batman in the tunnels or outing the Flash’s secret identity, it is abundantly clear that the new Green Lantern has something to prove. It doesn’t help that when a (Wonder) woman finally shows up, he’s the first to overstate his masculinity in a seemingly harmless phrase. I’ve been around a lot of closet cases in my time and if he doesn’t “stumble” onto a little penis soon…well, let’s just say we’ll have a lot more to look forward to than an eyebrow ring and some unrealistic standards in women.


Reading too much into things? Perhaps, but it’s my imagination and things are a lot better in there than out here.


One of the main things that hurt superhero titles is their inability to build a good character and stick to it. Character personalities, for this genre, have a higher turnover rate than CVS. I like my heroes to have great tics with a little consistency. It’s even better when you can see chemistry actually develop between characters; I like to call that “good writing.”

Wonder Woman is awkwardly fitting in as a foreigner with a noble cause. Superman is equally awkward between trying to please everyone and actually getting the job done. Batman’s like a disgruntled dad. Green Lanterns a tool and the Flash is hilariously normal. I’m having a little trouble believing that Cyborg’s origin story is happening within a 20 minute battle sequence but whatever. It’s fun.

Sexy Aquaman


So that’s it! Only 4 issues in and loving it!

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