Marvel Reveals AvsX Cover Art!!!

Marvel reveals AvsX cover art!!!

Like clock work, Marvel will release another summer block buster/huge universal cross over event. The latest is entitled: Avengers Vs. X-Men. The title seems pretty self explanatory, its Avengers and X-men duking it out…because we didn’t get enough of that in “Civil War”.

The series will focus around the X-Character “Hope” who was introduced during the X-Event “Messiah Complex” and strangely looks like Jean Grey. After traveling through time with Cable she returns to the present Marvel time line. Naturally the next question to ask is, “What the hell to do with her?” Also it appears that the Phoenix will fly back just in time to wreck havoc as well. X-Men wanna protect her while Captain America and crew feel that she may lead the Marvel U into another “Avengers Disassembled” or “House of M”. Soooooo they’re gonna fight about over the next year and a half and will no doubt launch a whole load of tie ins and other mini series.

While for the most part I was pretty underwhelmed by this said event, I couldn’t help but feel some what excited when I saw the cover art for New Avengers 25. As you can see it features Iron Fist with the Phoenix logo on his chest. What doe sit mean? Is the Phoenix returning to the Marvel U to perhaps resurrect Jean, er…I mean claim Hope? Or has it found a new host in Danny Rand???

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