New DC Logo

New DC Logo

6 days ago the new DC comics logo surfaced on the internet and 6 days later I still don’t know what to think of it.

Dylan Todd at said it looks like “A ripped condom being removed from a wrapper. A large sticker being pulled off of a toilet. seat cover.” Fair point.

In Mr. Todd’s article he explains both the good, bad and the ugly of the new design. I, however am torn. Maybe I’m just being too much of one of those fan boys who hate change, I mean I liked the new “spin logo” back 2005 but nothing says “comic book” about this to me. Maybe that’s the point? With the DC’s “New 52” did it need a new logo as well?

Check out Dylan Todd’s full article <a href="


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4 Responses to New DC Logo

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  2. It really shows that DC has to have DC comics at the bottom. Without it, I doubt you’d know what you’re looking at.

  3. Of course now that it’s been unveiled more officially, you can see how this logo will benefit the digital side of DC, but the fact that it looks bad in print and good online still makes it pretty weak.

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