Why I Can’t Talk to My Girlfriend About Comics, Part Two

Because I get previews like this…


Ah, Caligula #6. Thank you Bleeding Cool (and no sarcasm intended, it’s a great site). Okay, I have no criticism with David Lapham’s writing per say, but either his scripts have “BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD! BLOOD!” typed all over them, or someone at Avatar is pairing him up with people instructed to draw gorefests like in the Crossed books, which show how subtle Ennis’ approach was in comparison–damn, did I say Ennis and Subtle in the same sentence?


I’d pick these up if everything behind the cover didn’t feel like gore porn. And the Caligula cover above?

Let me see. The fake face is chilling enough and could have sold this book. Add to it…faceless women complete with crotch blood?

The name of this series (I guess it’s a series now) could be called “Why I Don’t Take My Girlfriend to A Comics Shop.” If we saw that on the racks, she’d run out, and so would I. And not necessarily in that order.

About Chad Parenteau

I'm a poet. I run the Stone Soup Poetry series in Cambridge that runs every Monday night. I review comics in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Why I Can’t Talk to My Girlfriend About Comics, Part Two

  1. Ian Thal says:

    Seriously though, except for the creator owned comics by Warren Ellis, there’s almost nothing published by Avatar that appeals to me.

    When you are trying to get your significant other into the comics medium, the trick is figuring out what sort of stories he or she might like. For instance, knowing my girlfriend’s tastes in TV, film, novels, et cetera, I figured that she would not be engaged by Watchmen or really anything centered on superheroes, but correctly surmised that she would enjoy Alan Moore’s From Hell and Grant Morrison’s The Filth.

    It’s matter of knowing what the other person’s interests are, and steering clear of anything that requires either continuity or genre savvy, and preferably something that was published in a a single volume. Once you do that, they’ll get the point that there are comics “for them” and just ignore the comics that are “not for them.”

  2. Hi Chad Parenteau,
    Speaking of which, The universe has improved… once more. Is that bad or effective? Let’s examine it. Let us chat DC Comics. I have been looking through several DC Comics situations in the new DC Universe and am impressed with a number of of the tales.
    Great Job!

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