DC Direct’s Catwoman

DC Direct's Catwoman

Yesterday, while checking out the new comics of the week, I came across a catalogue from DC Direct featuring mini statues and busts from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

It was pretty cool finally seeing all of the detail from the costumes of the upcoming Blockbuster. One thing that caught by eye was the Catwoman costume. This is the first real detailed look of actress Anna Hathaway in costume. Mostly what I’ve seen has just been low let behind-the-scenes photos.

Its a really interesting blend of the comic book and Christopher Nolan’s hyper reality. We get all the sexiness of the Catwoman costume we know and love; the thigh high boots, the long gloves, and the skin tight body suit, perhaps it serves as armor as well?

Of course there is the absence of the cat ears, but in other photographs we can see that when she flips her goggles with the attached lighting (because you know, she’s a cat burglar) over her heard they resemble cat ears. Did we expect anything different from Nolan? Based on the previous two Batman films there was no way he was going to have some one walk around dressed as a cat. Now, I know what you’re thinking: Paul, you dumb ass, the main character dresses as a Bat. And I say to you: True! However, everything in or on his costume has a function and purpose, such as the cape for gliding through the sky and bat ears that are actually built in, highly sensitive listening devices. So, in other words her goggles/cat ears are perfect, they serve both function and homage to the “cat-like” appearance of the character from the comics.

Another interesting addition to the costume are the heels of the thigh high boots. They appear to be silver stilettos/knives? I guess so when she does her high round house kicks they’ll leave some scars as well as bruises. And again they add to the Catty-ness of Catwoman!

I’m a little curious as to the posing of the statue. It’d be cool to see her standing so that could see more of a full frontal look at the costume.

As I’m typing these words I’m beginning to see what an awful creep I am for composing an article about a woman dressed in a tight black body suit with thigh high boots and wishing the statue was standing in a different position so I could get a better look at it…

F*ck it, if that’s the case I’ll go for broke! They make her ass huge in this statue! I mean DAAAMN. Was that the sculptor’s intent for making her bend low like that? I wasn’t even aware that Hathaway had all that junk in the trunk…

Annnnnnd I’m done! Regardless, the costume looks great and I’m excited to see more photos of her as well as the rest of the cast of TDKR, now I’m gonna go take a cold shower.

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