Johns to write Monthly Shazam! series

Johns to write Monthly Shazam! series

DC heavy hitter Geoff Johns has been busy resurrecting characters such as Hal Jordan and Aquaman. Not only did he bring them back to the forefront but he even made Aquaman cool. F*cking Aquaman! Now, Johns and co-creator Gary Frank are teaming up again to bring Captain Marvel center stage…sort of.

As some of you may know, its tough having the name “Marvel” when you’re not in the Marvel universe. Due to the name DC has had to have their Captain benched with out getting any legal attacks from Marvel. That being said in this new series, Captain Marvel will just be Shazam! The magic word that turns kid Billy Batson into the superhero.

Johns recently wrapped work with Frank in this summer’s release of Batman: Earth One.

The series entitled: The Curse of Shazam! will actually not be its own “book”. Instead it will be featured in the last 10 pages of Justice League starting with issue 7 and may even get a new costume!

With the new DC relaunch it was only a matter of time before Capt—Shazam would surface to fight the threats that plague the world. With a new Shazam, that means that we should be on the look out for a Black Atom too!

Shazam is in safe hands and am looking forward to see how they’ll re-imagine the origin.

Newsarama has an exclusive interview with Johns here so check it out:

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