First Look at the Curse of Shazam!

First Look at the Curse of Shazam!

Comic book writer Geoff Johns, who has built his career on relaunching old characters is back at it with creating a new origin story for Captain Marvel, who will know just be known as Shazam!

Johns will be teaming up with artist Gary Frank, the two just finished working on Batman: Earth One. You can see Shazam in his full rebooted glory this March in the back pages of Justice League.

Check out more info here.

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2 Responses to First Look at the Curse of Shazam!

  1. Ian Thal says:

    No. Shazam is the ancient wizard who lives in the abandoned subway station with the Seven Deadly Sins. Captain Marvel is the Big Red Cheese.

    He doesn’t need a new origin story (though Jeff Smith’s reboot was quite good) he needs good continuing adventures that make him relevant for today– much like All Star Superman did for the other flying guy with the cape and you don’t have to substantially redo his origin to do that.

  2. flyingtigercomics says:

    So Billy Batson is Harry Potter and Captain Marvel is a magic themed hero, who only fights magic in a magic world.

    How stupid, even for warner comics.

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