So Marvel, This Is What You Got?

So Marvel, this is what you got?

Yesterday DC announced they were creating more stories for “Watchmen”. Little did we know that Marvel was cooking up their own big announcement..except it was even that, just another fucking teaser image of two spider logos joined together and says “Spider-Men”.And I’m all like…”aaaand?”

Marvel! Come on, you’re better than this! DC drops a big bomb and you squeeze out this weight less crap?

First of all Marvel, I’m still not over what you did to J. Michael Straczynski’s run on Spider-Man and how you made the whole world forget he was Peter Parker, anything you got on this character I’m just gonna yawn at. And maybe give you the finger, but you know deep down I still love you.

Unless, you’re not doing anything with THAT Peter Parker and THAT Spider-Man. Upon closer inspection I see that these are the logos of Ultimate Spider-Man Peter Parker AND Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales. Please please please tell me you’re not gonna bring back Parker. I mean I love the kid, he was the first series comic book series I started following when I was in high school but I thought that Ultimate universe was different. It was gritty, and dark and people don’t get second chances when they’ve been shot and then had to go fight the Green Goblin and his crew. That’s what made the death so meaningful. Watching the heroes come together and mourn the fallen hero. It was awesome. It was one of the best moves you’ve made in some time. Then you had this new kid trying to carry on the mantle and he was black! It was pretty sweet! You guys made Glenn Beck upset…which I guess is pretty easy but still! And the best part was you had a separate universe where you still had your “original” Peter Parker intact so you could fuck with his memory…everyone else’s too.

And now there is this. What you’re gonna bring him back so they can be…a team? Rivals? A Deadpool Corps or Spider-Island just wasn’t enough? Or are you gonna pull some Frankenstein crap and bring the two together.

Ok so maybe you won’t go that far.

But in the end, this was really all you had to go against DC and their Watchmen news? This was the ace in the hole? No even noticed your “big unveiling” until this morning. That’s right a whole day later. WOW. Good for you Marvel, I’ll hang this on the fridge with a little gold star on it behind my student loan bills.

I know I’m throwing shit you’re way. And hey, maybe whatever it is you’re doing could be great. Maybe you’ll have a good creative team together, I’m sure Bendis will be there and I’ll be there at the store this June to see what you and Bendis put together.

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