We Got Reviews: Action Comics #6

Enough of the “52 pick up” puns I’ve been coming up with for titles.  Action Comics is a title that deserves to be graded on its own merit.  And it deserves straightforward criticism: Lose the new Superman costume.  Now. Give Jim Lee the extra month we suspect he’ll need sooner or later and have him back his old suit.

I feel a tingling that Grant Morrison must have felt when he had to write JLA but he had to do the scenes he was waiting to do, like Superman fighting an angel, and had to be in the electric boogaloo costume. It doesn’t even matter that the costume looks particularly bad with Adam Kubert drawing it.

My long-standing opinion: Jim Lee’s sense of costume design is and always has been absolutely wretched. His skill is making his styles work on his own drawings. When anyone else This is why the X-Men cartoon from the ’90’s looks especially horrific. And now this.

Morrison must be holding his nose a little when he has to write the adult Superman in this fashion disaster. Both he and Kubert seem much more at ease and much more on point when we go back to the young Superman with the tied “S” cloth on it that almost looks like a towel tied around his neck. The family scenes, including the very last page of Morrison’s story, keep the book worth going through. The action scenes with the costume, well, you just strain through them as you try to work through Morrison’s plot.

That said, I love Morrison’s spin on Clark’s first meeting the Legion of Superheroes. I will love it more if DC allows Morrison to give this book the Smallville treatment and keep Clark out of costume until the last issue of the run.

I’m not sure why Morrison is not including more of the sentimental tone that was in All-Star Superman, but I’m glad Sholly Fisch is there to pick up the slack with flashbacks to young Superman’s younger life, and that Chriscross is there as the artist for the second month in a row. I want to see Fisch on a regular high profile title somewhere.

About Chad Parenteau

I'm a poet. I run the Stone Soup Poetry series in Cambridge that runs every Monday night. I review comics in my spare time.
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