M.I.L.F. Magnet….F.M.L.


Oh God. Oh my God. What is this???? You know I was willing to give Moonstone Comics a fair read when I saw they were creating a Kolchak the Night Stalker series. But now? Now, well I wanna put this and my head in a microwave.

What the hell could this be about? A superhero who attract loose women? Wasn’t Frank Miller Daredevil already doing that?? Usually I bitch about stupid titles that come out and then I read them…but I won’t even hold this for Chad’s photo review for fear I may get herpes or a slap in the face from Angela or Maggie. Most likely both.

From what I’ve gathered form my “research” its about a superhero named Taser…(not Phazer, which is looking more luring) than this tale of a hero who discovers a new power after battling a super villian. That power is of course the ability to woo older women. Yeah. That’s the origin story, but its not all fun and games for our hero Taser. He’ll have to thwart super groupies, dominatrixes, super female villians and you get the idea…

Upon further research I discovered this comic came out in 2009. Apparently it time traveled to the future to ruin my day, but definitely worth writing about.

So how about you dear reader? Did you read it?

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