Mattel to release Hover Board this Christmas!

Mattel to release Hover Board this Christmas!

Movies about the future are not always a great way to judge how the actual future will play out, however “Back to the Future Pt 2” has gotten some things right. In Marty McFly’s 2015, there are TVs that you can hang on the wall to look like actual picture frames, video conferencing, and even the 3D movie explosion. Now it appears that they may have predicted something else correctly: the Hover Board.

While it maybe three years early, over the weekend Mattel announced at this year’s Toy Fair that they will in fact be putting hover boards into production and released for this Christmas with pre-orders available in March.

The likely hood of actually owning or seeing this thing in action? Not likely. Remember the lace up Nike sneakers they released? Me neither, But Kanye does. These things are gonna be crazy expensive. But at least scientists and toy makers are thinking about it. Who knows maybe in a few years, maybe longer than that, we’ll have affordable hover boards that our kids will do a lot of property damage with.

Now I wanna see them get those flying cars into production!

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