Why I Can’t Talk to My Girlfriend About Comics, Part Four

There are many conversations I can have in the course of a day regarding my two main interests, writing and comics. I call it defending my life. By now, I’m used to having to defend my writing when people bring up the lack of money for my efforts. On the other hand, it can be tougher to defend my interests in comics, given how many stupid and crazy things come attached to them. Here’s one more imaginary conversation I’m glad I avoided having with my girlfriend, whose job involves her being heavily involved with children’s literature.

Exhibit A


Hey Chad, is that Harry Potter?

No, that’s Timothy Hunter.

This says Books of Magic, so I was wondering.

Yeah, it’s different though.

Looks like they’re trying to copy Harry Potter.

Actually, Timothy Hunter and Harry Potter came out around the same time.


That’s what I read somewhere in an interview.


Exhibit B




Have you seen this?

Yeah, it’s Peter Parker from that Ultimate Spider-Man book I used to read.

What, were they trying to copy Harry Potter?

Oh, no.


Nah, y’see, he got rid of his glasses after an issue or two.

Is that your final answer?


Are you sure?



Exhibit C



Hey, Chad, These images say they’re part of Curse of Shazzam. What’s that?

It’s DC trying to copy Harry Potter.



Thank you.

Yeah, sorry that took so long…

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