Welcome to Odinson’s Alley…Or something

Welcome to Odinson's Alley...Or something

We Got Issues first began as a visual medium; a talk show about comics and all things nerdy. Since last summer the show became a blog spot for members and guests to contribute composed thoughts, reviews, hopes, dreams and of course complaints about said nerdy things.

Thankfully we have Mark Anthony “Stark” Wade Lynch ( I don’t if any one actually calls him “Stark” but hey, I couldn’t help it!) giving us his reviews and thoughts straight from Asgardian’s mouth…insert sex joke here.

I first met Mark while working at Comicopia, The staff were off at the Anime-Boston Con being fabulous and selling comics. While he and I were babysitting the store from evil doers; think Squirrel Girl looking after Luke Cage’s baby.

Now again, I had never met Mark and had no idea what I was in for, we could have been two jerks forced to work together like Cyclops and Wolverine or become good friends like Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Thankfully, the latter happened.

Mark is a genuinely funny original nerd with a lot of issues and we’re lucky to have him! So hear him out and check out his video blogging debut in Odinson’s Alley! You can find it on youtube and right here at We Got Issues!

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