Why I Can’t Talk to My Girlfriend About Comics, Part Five


Here’s the ad copy from Antarctic Press on the Victorian Secret Winter Wardrobe One Shot:

Whether you’re traipsing ‘cross the glaciers of Hyperborea or merely facing the frigid facts of a snowy season at home, our daring damsels will warm your body and soul! Be they in leather or fur or padded brass fittings (and oh, how they fit), they’ll make your steampunk steamier than ever before!

The real reason I can’t talk to my girlfriend about comics this week is that I’ll be too busy bathing after reading that!

But before I go, I’ll go over a comic rerelease you might actually see in your finer shops, because finer comic shops can hide or not order some crap, but they are still all slaves when it comes to buying crap from Marvel Comics. Let’s take a look at the newest hardcover collection reprint from the recent re-returning series Powers.


In Brian Michael Bendis’ early career, he drew a strip that made reference to Fantagraphics’ alleged hypocrisy by way of the fact they publish pornography in addition to well-regarded work. And yet, images like the above show up throughout much of the later run of Powers and make me wonder why Bendis doesn’t just write a porno comic for Michael Avon Oeming to draw. Hell, I heard somewhere that Oeming still has a day job, so how good can Powers sales be? It can only help Oeming if Bendis just gets honest with himself. Plus, with Porn, Bendis finally has a solution to the lack of resolution with his plots.

And yes, I read this storyline when it came out. I know what the cover image refers to. All I see is, “I’m on fire, and I’m somehow also aroused.”


About Chad Parenteau

I'm a poet. I run the Stone Soup Poetry series in Cambridge that runs every Monday night. I review comics in my spare time.
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