Thoughts on the Avengers Trailer

Thoughts on the Avengers Trailer

I’m sure you’ve all seen it by now, but the new Avengers trailer was released online yesterday and…oh…my…God it looks amazing.

There’s some great new action footage featuring Iron Man in some serious aerial battles with aliens, Hulk catching him as he falls from the sky, Hawk-Eye with some bow and arrow action and Captain America doing a head first jump out of the Quinjet with shield in hand!

The biggest thing that makes me excited is the character interaction. Watching Steve Rogers meet Dr. Banner, seeing Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) try to bring Banner back to the states, Nick Fury’s admitting his desperation to Loki and of course Captain America, Thor and Iron Man beating holy hell out of each other.

Also, I’ve heard a lot nay sayers being upset that this looks like a “Transformers” movie to which I say, shut up and go sit in a a corner with a dunce cap on. The threat had to be big enough so that there was no way each of these characters could handle this threat alone. Anyway, check it out for yourself:


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