Captain America…ON ICE!

Captain America...ON ICE!

Some new Avengers photos were released on line yesterday including this photo of Captain America (Chris Evans) being thawed out by some S.H.E.I.L.D. agents.

I’m pretty pumped that this photo was chosen to be released. It’s not a still from any of the trailers. What makes this so great is not just the fact that its a new image or that I may have a man crush on Steve Rogers but what it reveals about the film’s story.

When “Captain America: First Avenger” ended, we didn’t see him “thaw out”. We saw his crash into the icy wasteland then wake up in a hospital bed in present day. It looks like “Avengers” will take its time in explaining the process of pulling him from the frozen wreckage to his reintroduction into the world.

But you’d think a guy frozen in a block of ice would need more than just a heat lamp and two heat wands….

Either way this photo just got more excited and intrigued by about the movie!

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