Not the “First” X-Men…

Hey Marvel, I know you’re having a great few weeks with Avengers hitting it out of the park with the Avengers film but what the hell is this “The First X-Men” thing you got goin’ on? Cause let me tell you, this isn’t the “first” time you’ve done an origin story for X-Men…”first”…see what I did there?

Recently we’ve had Ultimate X-men and X-Men: Season One so do we need another origin tale about the mutant team coming together? Aren’t you doing fine with AvsX?

Listen, I know there’s no reasoning with you. You’re kind of stubborn, but hey, its why I love you. But can you do me a favor? Can we have an X-Men story without say…gee I don’t know…Wolverine? I know, I know. Blasphemy, right? But come on, the guy is on every team. So before you put him back in Fantastic Four, Defenders, The Inhumans, and Atlas could you just have him sit this one out? Cause Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Ice Man and Marvel Girl were the first line up…

Just something to think about…

I know you’re doing some sort of press release tomorrow, I didn’t get an invite, maybe its in the mail or something is up with my Facebook invite page…

But you’ve got time to think it over before you do anything rash.

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