Praise Punk Rock Jesus


I continue my new traditional blasphemy by continuing to sing the praises of Punk Rock Jesus, which just had its third issue released this past Wednesday. The story of a cloned Jesus and the reality show he and his mother are trapped in as fanatics fight over him in the outside world marches on (with help from a reformed IRA terrorist, docile polar bear and other things writer/artist Sean Murphy likes to draw for good measure).

Now halfway into the projected six issue arc, we start to see the seeds of rebellion in the title character. The best summary without spoilers I can muster now follows.

Unconventional relationships continue to develop unconventionally and believably. The villains in the story act accordingly not because they are stereotypes but because they are desperate and clinging to their mutual prize. The “Punk Rock” in Punk Rock Jesus is only beginning to be revealed in what feels like a slow pace, which is impressive given that the child grows from baby to young teen in the course of thirty two pages in a single issue. To top it off, religious and corporate dogmas are set to be challenged in future issues as a character begins to undergo their own personal salvation.

This black and white volume is still worthy of discovery and can still be obtained along with issues #1 and #2 in most quality comic stores in your area. If you are still missing out on this, that is truly an unforgivable blasphemy.

–Chad Parenteau


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1 Response to Praise Punk Rock Jesus

  1. offshore bank account says:

    I love that there’s a semi-mainstream comic being published with punk rock as a theme. Issue #1 was absolute gold, and I’m anxious to read the rest.

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