MICE Hunt: Meg’s Experience at the Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo 2012

I have been attending MICE for several years now and it’s always a blast. This year I could only make it after five-ish so I missed all of the panels, but I did see a very fair amount of the artists.

I was excited to see that Tofu Squirrel had a booth this year. I’ve been a fan of her art since I first saw it on Casey Desmond’s website. It’s hallucinogenic and adorable. She had a brand new, beautifully-bound portfolio book which was quite a trip to look at. I got a few little, psychedelic, doe-eyed animal pins for myself and friends there.

Busty Girl Comics is one of my newer found faves, I forget where I first discovered it, but as a 34F, it really hits home. I thanked the creator, RamPaige who was very grateful and took a photo with me and gave me a signed postcard. I had no idea she was local.

I finally got to meet Jerel Dye, who I’ve been following since he proposed a class at the Cambridge School for Adult Ed a few weeks ago. I enrolled, but it was canceled to my disappointment. He said he was hoping to have another session in the winter so keep an eye out for that. His art is really fantastical and mechanic. He does a series of “Weekly Whirlys” on his blog which are illustrations of flying contraptions. Flying machines and the like have always been appealing to me for some reason, so it was great to see some of the work in real life. He recently released From the Clouds a which is his first all-color mini, created with watercolor and ink. He describes it on his blog: “It’s the story of strange visitors from another world, visitors that bring the promise of change to a society that may or may not be ready for it.” It’s a beautiful work.

Zombie Romance celebrated their second year at MICE. I’ve been following the creator of ZR, Kristilyn Stevenson for quite sometime. She’s been involved with the local music scene which I am a part of too. She recently created this lovely work, which I totally dig, Stranger based off of a song by The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library.

I’ve been on a budget so only bought one comic, which I kind of bought after a couple seconds of flipping through. I’ve found, I’m sure you have too, some really original stuff this way. You have to go on your instincts sometimes. So I picked up Seventy, Never Sixty-Five, a short by Nick Offerman. He is the creator of the series Sweatshirt Weather. The comic is really beautifully written with simple but original illustration only using three colors. It’s dusky and emotional but not dark. Reading it was one of the closest I’ve come to crying on the T. I really enjoyed it a lot and glad my only purchase was a score. You can actually read it online here.

MICE gets more and more awesome every year. I wish it could be a whole weekend long.

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