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Comic Book Haiku: Amazing Spider Man #700

Peter Parker dies two times in less than two years. Comics also dead.

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We Got Reviews: House of Fun

For me, reviewing comics fell by the wayside (as it did for the WGI crew in general) due to holiday stress, but speaking for myself, there were other reasons. I originally intended to review House of Fun the week it … Continue reading

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Comic Book Haiku: Actions Comics #15

Issue gives excuse for ol’ Mxyzptlk to be in haiku.

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Failure to Rise

2012 has brought us quite the collection of action packed super hero films: The Amazing Spider-Man, the Avengers, and Judge Dredd and of course the conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s Batman series The Dark Knight Rises. The film was released on … Continue reading

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By The Numbers: Aquaman #7-14

1. Some people might be wondering if this numbering of my review points is just a gimmicky tool to help me write faster and adds nothing of value to the review. 2. Yes.

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