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We Got Reviews: Clone #1-4

The 5th issue of Clone is coming out this Wednesday. I won’t be able to grab it until tomorrow, but it’s still a good time to recap the last four issues. It won’t break your bank too much if you … Continue reading

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Comic Book Haiku: New 52’s Young Romance

Idiots will buy covers with these two kissing, and DC thanks them.

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More Coming

Some more recent books mixed with what’s been happening in comics while we’ve been away.

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We Got Reviews: Action Comics 18

It’s a little sad that with the last issue of Action Comics I’ll be buying for a while, I am feeling very underwhelmed with the last story arc tying up all the 5th dimensional loose ends. Amidst all the New … Continue reading

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Thank you to those who continue to like our site and view our articles. It’s been a while, but we are slowly and surely making our way back to making this a regular thing again. Keep checking back her for … Continue reading

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