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WGI is at NYCC

WGI head honco Paul and fellow correspondent Bren are at the New York Comic Con, tweeting and putting up Facebook posts that we will share here.

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Comic Book Haiku: Shaolin Cowboy #1

Cheer Cowboy’s return with two-chainsaw action and no damn talking mule.

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Good Comics That You’re Not Reading!

Hi everyone! Been awhile since I’ve put anything on the ol’ blog site but honestly, none of the comics out there right now are really compelling me to write!. I’ve decided to go back through my personal stash and read … Continue reading

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Mark Anthony’s Hero of The Month

I have decided to add a little more than just my opinion every other week. Every week I will give a you something of the month. This week is “Hero of the Month.” I’m going to start with one of … Continue reading

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We Got Reviews: Optic Nerve 13

First I was made outcast because of my love of comics. Then I got into poetry, and solidified my outcast status even further. Somewhere around the late 90’s, after the comics market collapsed, people starting compared comics to a specialty … Continue reading

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By-The-Numbers Presents: A Review of The Flashpoint Paradox

1. Okay. I saw this DC Animated movie, and I ended up liking it. 2. Wait, WHAT??? 3. Well, I did get bummed afterwards, for comics in general. I’ll explain.

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Marvel Female Badasses

We all know that there aren’t a lot of female comic book heroes that are worth paying attention to. It’s unfortunate but true. Some of the ones that get the majority of the spotlight aren’t always worth paying attention to, … Continue reading

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