Mark Anthony’s Hero of The Month

I have decided to add a little more than just my opinion every other week. Every week I will give a you something of the month. This week is “Hero of the Month.” I’m going to start with one of my personal favorites Luke “Power Man” Cage.


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We Got Reviews: Optic Nerve 13


First I was made outcast because of my love of comics. Then I got into poetry, and solidified my outcast status even further.

Somewhere around the late 90’s, after the comics market collapsed, people starting compared comics to a specialty market like poetry. I’m not sure if I was upset about that. And if so, what side? My comics side or my poet’s side.

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By-The-Numbers Presents: A Review of The Flashpoint Paradox

1. Okay. I saw this DC Animated movie, and I ended up liking it.

2. Wait, WHAT???

3. Well, I did get bummed afterwards, for comics in general. I’ll explain.

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Marvel Female Badasses

We all know that there aren’t a lot of female comic book heroes that are worth paying attention to. It’s unfortunate but true. Some of the ones that get the majority of the spotlight aren’t always worth paying attention to, case in point, for the life of me I can’t understand Jubilee’s popularity if she’s not involved with Wolverine in some way shape or form. BUT, there are more than a few bright spots when it comes to female bad-assery (yes, I made that word up).

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Mark Anthony (screaming) at The Movies (based on comics)

Unfortunately, even with all of the awesomeness in comic book movies, you can’t get it exactly like the comic. There’s too much content. It would take longer than two hours to get it close to accurate. That said, the line has to be drawn somewhere. Some things are just inexcusable. **SPOILER(s) WARNING**

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Obligatory Ben Affleck Post: A Tired And Weary Topic


Imagine our surprise when We Got Issues received a notice from the League of Marginal Comic Bloggers saying we would lose our membership if we did not comment on Ben Affleck staring as Batman in the next DC movie. We’re still going to be on warning as it is just for the fact that all of WGI resides in Boston and took this long to react.

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We Got Reviews: Phase 7 #017


I subscribe to a lot of small press publications. One of the best thing about it is that you get actual surprises in the mail. Because these are small, after-hour operations, you’re never sure when you’ll get the products. Still, that just makes it better when it happens. Alec Longstreth had a busy year finishing his Basewood story, and you should bookmark his blog to see what he’s been up to lately, or just to save time, I’ll tell you to pick up the latest issue of Phase 7.

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