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Was Alex Ross The Inspiration Behind The Cover to The Boys #72?

We know Darick Robertson is not above doing the occasional dark homage for certain covers of The Boys. Now when I look at the newly released cover for what will be the last issue… I see similarities to an old, … Continue reading

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Activists Assemble? A Comics Blogger On Boycotting

Not too long ago, comic critic Alan David Doane set up a petition calling for DC Comics to end any planned sequels to Watchmen (and the project hasn’t even been officially announced). There was some back and forth on a … Continue reading

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Three Kings: Action Comics #1-3 From The Deck of The New 52

Of the New 52 titles I’ve read, Grant Morrison’s Action Comics is the best example of a true revamp and not just a pressing of the “reset” or “ignore” button. it has even deviated from the actual mythos/story structure that … Continue reading

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First Drawn: 52 Pick-Up’s Justice League #1

I swear that the campaign to set up Jim Lee as the savior of DC comics is akin to the neocons’ campaign to elevate Ronald Regan to sainthood. I’m sure Lee’s a nice guy, but he has to be complicit … Continue reading

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Chad’s Recaps of Wednesdays Past

Been working and traveling and even both at the same time. Making up for lost time with this post. Buying this week’s comics on Saturday. Butcher Baker #2 I’m not sure about this one, but I’m sticking with it for … Continue reading

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