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By The Numbers: Aquaman #7-14

1. Some people might be wondering if this numbering of my review points is just a gimmicky tool to help me write faster and adds nothing of value to the review. 2. Yes. Advertisements

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We Got Reviews: Aquaman #6

I think Graeme MacMillan in one of his recent Savage Critics podcasts called Geoff Johns the greatest Aquaman fan fiction writer. The joke (truth?) stops being funny when you realize that entire pages of dialogue Aquaman #6 read like some … Continue reading

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Five of Kinds: Selections from The New 52

Sorry to keep you waiting as we struggle to post and create new material amidst jobs and other responsibilities. All of the New 52 titles have hit the issue #5 mark. I have some books I haven’t reviewed up to … Continue reading

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Balancing A Glass of Water on The Deck: Paul Continues The 52 Pick With Aquaman #1

Aquaman’s got a raw deal. I mean come on think about it? The dude talks to fish and no one takes him seriously. He’s also had the worst PR over the years. They tried to make him cool by cutting … Continue reading

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