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We Got Reviews: House of Fun

For me, reviewing comics fell by the wayside (as it did for the WGI crew in general) due to holiday stress, but speaking for myself, there were other reasons. I originally intended to review House of Fun the week it … Continue reading

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We Got Reviews: Happy #1-2

“It’s Bad Lieutenant meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit!” I could do a review with just that sentence, but I feel like I’m plagiarizing, hence the quotes. I have a feeling those exact words were uttered by Grant Morrison during a … Continue reading

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News Flash: 616 Captain America Declines Presidential Bid

Just offering up images from the classic Captain America #250 (which I own) as an alternative to the Cap as President hype for today. Thanks to the Blinded Me With Comics website for the images. Aside form the John Byrne … Continue reading

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Activists Assemble? A Comics Blogger On Boycotting

Not too long ago, comic critic Alan David Doane set up a petition calling for DC Comics to end any planned sequels to Watchmen (and the project hasn’t even been officially announced). There was some back and forth on a … Continue reading

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